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New Code for Boarding

Thursday, July 9, 2009 | | | |
I was in my room, finishing my entire S.O.S list (it is my to-do-list) and I realized how much I miss my home; the fluffy bed with soft hugging blanket and addition to the cold coaxing air move through my vein. Ahhh~ that’s not all. I miss “Mrs. doing the whole thing” since I hate to do the washing, ironing and folding. I feel like this place train me to be a prepared-maid. Thank god I can’t speak Indonesian. If I can? Woah! Just a perfect combination! LOL.

Oh ya, I dislike to ALWAYS replete my hunger at the cafeteria. I wish if I could cook my own repast. Helping someone to fry French fries and looking someone cutting the veggies. Auwww. What a family time I’ve had…

Tonite, I was so damn bored. I don’t want to on9 and on the same time I don’t feel like study since I was so tired. I even late to my Chemistry exam for 30 minutes yesterday but still I took the exam. I answered them all; was easy~ (except for one and only last question). The fact that I am mad on that day is my lecturer doesn’t allow me to sign my attendance even though I took the exam. Grrrr.

Whatever thing happen between me and new environment here. I must say the new code for boarding are washing, ironing, folding, studying, late to class, eating cheap food and QUIZ. Somehow I like the code. I am flexible doing all this. Duh~ call me alpha (my alter ego name). SHUT UP ALIFF. It’s sound flamboyant. HAHAHA


yana.kulup said...

really killing me.LOL

oh,n yess,hello!