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New Trait

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Drawing my Diverse Expierience

Monday, August 17, 2009 | | | 1 comments |
The clock passed 1 am. My pregnant mind reflected to the time. It said “I really can’t pain with such hornets' nest anymore”, thus only these bare hand can expressed my genuine apprehension; the anticipation of adversity or misfortune. My adjectively called suspicion or fear of future. Currently I’m studying in matrix. Everything simply good and well-planned from one to ten but…. Imma dastard when the demon of doubt questioned me of who am I in the next upcoming years. I was tongue-tied. Tentatively, I am flexible and can turn myself into anyone.

Contrarily, the answer will expel at the end of day. The flexible I had said maybe fragile. It’s a risk; a deal to play with. Even how good you are in throwing cards but destiny will puke a fate.

EXTRACT: For the first time, I took matric cos I want to accelerate my study since it only cost me one year to degree. Now I’m afraid of my future being risked since I’ve been focusing bout ends my study than thinking of what I’m going to be. I’m young and why I need to rush in this sphere world, if I keep running. I will still running to the end of the world.

Voluntarily, I’m quitting matric this month and go for other wholesome opportunity. PHARMACY. Albeit peace solution. I know my aim in future after this and I have to kick start my ass to be a future pharmacist. Living as a student is like drawing a diverse experience. This is what I’m doing, drawing a diverse experience in late 17. Au revoir friend!

Dear kmm, this is my last entry. I won’t update a word anymore in here. Exclusively, I leave my original blog url for you guys to take a look ;-).

New Code for Boarding

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I was in my room, finishing my entire S.O.S list (it is my to-do-list) and I realized how much I miss my home; the fluffy bed with soft hugging blanket and addition to the cold coaxing air move through my vein. Ahhh~ that’s not all. I miss “Mrs. doing the whole thing” since I hate to do the washing, ironing and folding. I feel like this place train me to be a prepared-maid. Thank god I can’t speak Indonesian. If I can? Woah! Just a perfect combination! LOL.

Oh ya, I dislike to ALWAYS replete my hunger at the cafeteria. I wish if I could cook my own repast. Helping someone to fry French fries and looking someone cutting the veggies. Auwww. What a family time I’ve had…

Tonite, I was so damn bored. I don’t want to on9 and on the same time I don’t feel like study since I was so tired. I even late to my Chemistry exam for 30 minutes yesterday but still I took the exam. I answered them all; was easy~ (except for one and only last question). The fact that I am mad on that day is my lecturer doesn’t allow me to sign my attendance even though I took the exam. Grrrr.

Whatever thing happen between me and new environment here. I must say the new code for boarding are washing, ironing, folding, studying, late to class, eating cheap food and QUIZ. Somehow I like the code. I am flexible doing all this. Duh~ call me alpha (my alter ego name). SHUT UP ALIFF. It’s sound flamboyant. HAHAHA

Water & a Flame


Those of you who have known Daniel Merriweather for a while may know why I've labeled him as a new artist. His first studio album, The Fifth Season, wasn't released although two singles were, which both charted in Australia back in 2004. Now it's 2009 and the English, Australian born singer is ready to release his 2nd studio album, Love And War. One stand out track from the album is "Water and a Flame" which features Grammy winning UK native, Adele. The song is my favorite from the album and I think it would do very well if released as a future single. I have his full album. I bought it yesterday. I really think my favorite is a good deal in my love life. Here is the lyric. Don’t sing! (it doesnt help the climate =D) Understand the lyric~

God! At the same time, I push myself to look at the high bar that I’m going to shoot someday. What the fish! I’m talking about. Step out Aliph!  Wicked LOL

Water and a Flame

Seven days has gone so fast,
I really thought the pain would pass.
It's been nearly an hour,
since I thought of you.

But your not answering the phone,
I'd settle for a busy tone,
At least that I'd know that you're okay.
A girl like you ain't meant to go away.

Now you're gone,
Theres nothing else I want.
Now that it's over,
There's nothing else I want.
What have I done,
looks like I was wrong.
Is everything really meant to change,
I guess we're like water and a flame.
water and a flame..

I'm tired of this empty house,
I need a drink to get me out.
A couple more til I forget your name.

I saw a boy that looked like you,
I didn't know quite what to do,
It took a power of will to break my stare.
I realized what I wanted wasn't there.

Now you're gone,
Theres nothing else I want.
Now that it's over,
There's nothing else I want.

Is everything really meant to change,
I guess we're like water and a flame.
Water and a flame...

If you see me coming...
I look away, I look away...
And if your mind is made up...
I look away, I will look away...

If your worry bound
I'm okay, I'm okay, yes I am
All this sorrow and this pain,
is going to go away

Daniel & Adele:
Now you're gone,
There's nothing else I want.
Now that it's over,
There's nothing else I want.
What have I done,
looks like I was wrong.
Is everything really meant to change,
I guess we're like water and a flame.
Water and a flame...

The Emancipation of Student Life


The Emancipation of Student Life just started. Every week, I have quizzes and approximately I study for 16 hours per day. Woah! Labeled me geeky or nerdy but there are like big proportion of nerdy here who acts like Spartan wannabe; “Be the only one who survives”. (I’m excluded~). I stripped my brain, heat all the neurons. Grrr, I was stress but I’m cool. I’m genuinely whiner about this. ROFL.

As a reason to AWAKE myself in class; detailed on every word arranged by lecturer, I pleasure myself with candy before my class started. It is my catalyst. I can feel the sweets beat up my energy. Hey, that’s my solution. Other nomad people may be chewing, drinking or exercise their roots and pits to prevent themselves embroil with sleeping issue. RIGHT???
(this post is so desperately needed to update my college's blog. ROFL)

Stop the killing of angels!

Saturday, June 6, 2009 | | | 4 comments |
Stop animal cruelty & abuse,
Stop the torture of innocents,
Stop the killing of angels.

I wrote this to call every human, let’s live in unison where the Mother Nature balanced. It’s a drastic time for sure, we need an antidote and a cure. The only antibiotic could cure this disrespectful disease is "us". I want to justify my concern to animal and fix this broken rule so the animal gets the best treatment cos they have life too. How pity to look animal being abused like a toy due to the hell of human made this world just for them. You may said human’s life is a deal to care but how bout animal? Are we fully wise if we still not install the best humanity to animal inside our thinking box. I guess not. C’mon! wake up! Even stupid Hollywood star (maybe those time) have thought bout their pets. Stop animal abuse! It really turned me off when most victim of animal cruelty are beaten and abandoned and all of those pictures are upsetting. Enough said. I’d rather u watch this. Even though, I am *cough*omnivore*. Yeah yeah. mostly i am carnivore but still... I care for them. It is basic necessity. Enough said. This is not a discovery channel or animal planet anyway. LOL

The Duck are force-fed to death for making Foie Gras.
Trivia: Foie Gras is French for "fatty liver" - a product sold around the world as a delicacy food. It is produced by brutally force-feeding ducks and geese until they become so obese that their lungs are crushed and they can barely breathe. The birds are often held in tiny metal cages where they cannot move and have metal pipes shoved down their throats three times a day, forcing large quantities of food into their stomachs, as shown in this video.

Breathing Sashimi Sushi. WTF!


Alter from Notoriety to Virtue

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 | | | 13 comments |
I try to make my own railway so I could travel with no harm to any destination. My friend is the rod and screw. I have all that! I even got surplus of them. My best friend is my tool. I give them my full trust and they response me with a big commitment. And the story goes… I keep my tool next to me. I bring them anywhere and they always in my pocket. When I need to use my FAVORITE tool, my hand was tapped. OUCH! It hurts man… painful! But i have to be a tough cookie. I still clean my favorite tool and put it in my box instead of ditch it away. Because I know, my pain will slowly recover and time is what i really need. P/s: I would never throw my tools cos at the same time, my tools also useful as bandage. I need to use a lot of bandage to wrap my bloody heart. One more thing, I give uncountable chance to my tools even they knock me down repeatedly.
____________________________________________ _______
Another story… I never separate my tools. All of them will be in the same box. I need to use them all. They will work together but somehow I was not amused when I found out that my tools can’t work together. It seems like a bad day to me. I can’t finish my railway *sigh* but I guess I should be the smart pancake and think how to settle this down. I will…
P/s: I’m not a chooser and not discriminate my tools. That’s why the title is to change from badness to goodness. Have a nice day to my dear alipheologist~

Rule of Nature

Monday, June 1, 2009 | | | 3 comments |

I can’t believe that it is almost one year since I left secondary school. Obliviously, those years in secondary school flew by so fast and out of the blue, it’s like all the memories that I gained back then were flashed before my eyes. Undeniably, most of them are memorable while the rest are just bittersweet memories which are likely to be forgotten in a matter of time.

We live to love life and we love to live life. No matter how beautiful or dreadful life can be, it will keep on going. Every day, people fall in love, some fall out of love; hearts are broken but some are mended; new souls are born but some deceased. Nonetheless, the fact is still the same - time keeps on going and never turns back.

In fact, all of us have grown accustomed to that rule of nature. No one cares if you like it or not. It is a routine that we have to face as long as we are living. This whole thing kind of reminds me about an aphorism that says life is like a bird – if you don’t grab it tightly enough, it will fly away. If you grab it too tightly, it will die.

Life is such a wheel that no man can stand upon it for long. Somewhere along the way, we might lose control, fall, and hit the ground. So what? It’s not the end of our life! Surely we have another choice – get up and be in the race again. The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost and never forget to reach out eagerly for newer and richer experiences. This, after all, is what we are made of…