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Stop the killing of angels!

Saturday, June 6, 2009 | | | |
Stop animal cruelty & abuse,
Stop the torture of innocents,
Stop the killing of angels.

I wrote this to call every human, let’s live in unison where the Mother Nature balanced. It’s a drastic time for sure, we need an antidote and a cure. The only antibiotic could cure this disrespectful disease is "us". I want to justify my concern to animal and fix this broken rule so the animal gets the best treatment cos they have life too. How pity to look animal being abused like a toy due to the hell of human made this world just for them. You may said human’s life is a deal to care but how bout animal? Are we fully wise if we still not install the best humanity to animal inside our thinking box. I guess not. C’mon! wake up! Even stupid Hollywood star (maybe those time) have thought bout their pets. Stop animal abuse! It really turned me off when most victim of animal cruelty are beaten and abandoned and all of those pictures are upsetting. Enough said. I’d rather u watch this. Even though, I am *cough*omnivore*. Yeah yeah. mostly i am carnivore but still... I care for them. It is basic necessity. Enough said. This is not a discovery channel or animal planet anyway. LOL

The Duck are force-fed to death for making Foie Gras.
Trivia: Foie Gras is French for "fatty liver" - a product sold around the world as a delicacy food. It is produced by brutally force-feeding ducks and geese until they become so obese that their lungs are crushed and they can barely breathe. The birds are often held in tiny metal cages where they cannot move and have metal pipes shoved down their throats three times a day, forcing large quantities of food into their stomachs, as shown in this video.

Breathing Sashimi Sushi. WTF!



Iera Hanna said...

i really need to gasp some fresh air. those videos are killing me and fires me up. phewww.

good post :)

Nene said...

oh my. =(


Aiman Ariffin said...

omgudness urghhh~

UBI Lecturers said...

Abt the duck 2 make foie gras; thre was a documentary on it that the practice actually doesnt torture the duck. it just 'looks like it'. Ducks' breathing tract (mouth-throat->stomach)is built the way it is & isnt compromised by the way they r feed for the foie gras making industry. u cn go n check it out.