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The Emancipation of Student Life

Thursday, July 9, 2009 | | | |

The Emancipation of Student Life just started. Every week, I have quizzes and approximately I study for 16 hours per day. Woah! Labeled me geeky or nerdy but there are like big proportion of nerdy here who acts like Spartan wannabe; “Be the only one who survives”. (I’m excluded~). I stripped my brain, heat all the neurons. Grrr, I was stress but I’m cool. I’m genuinely whiner about this. ROFL.

As a reason to AWAKE myself in class; detailed on every word arranged by lecturer, I pleasure myself with candy before my class started. It is my catalyst. I can feel the sweets beat up my energy. Hey, that’s my solution. Other nomad people may be chewing, drinking or exercise their roots and pits to prevent themselves embroil with sleeping issue. RIGHT???
(this post is so desperately needed to update my college's blog. ROFL)


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